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THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival is a projected to support and bring forward young minds and their ideas over global issues and to appreciate their film making skills. The festival also holds workshops on an industrial level to help the experts and the film enthusiasts work together.

Event details

The festival was held on the 19th of April 2014 at the Al Silia Ballroom in the Grand Hyatt. The dress code of the event was ‘black tie’. The ticket cost of the event was kept 150 Qatri Riyals. It was a three day event and the students were responsible for planning the workshops and the activities all along. The Gala dinner and the Awards were managed by the executive team of the THIMUN Qatar Film Festival that was led by their President Mohammad Al Malek.

Qatar film festival

Winners of the festival

There were ten prize categories. The award for Best Cinematography was given to Abdullatif Al-kuwari for the film ‘Qatar Water Crisis’. Sarhan Khan’s film ‘Future Steps’ won the best editing award. The film ‘A victim’ by Naseh Jrab took the Best sound prize.The Best story award was given to Harsha patil for ‘Masoom’ whereas Best National Picture award was taken by Sarah Moabi forher film ‘The forgotten’. Amal Al Muftah received the Best Picture award for her film ‘Al-Hamali’ and the runner-up for this categpry was Shayna Dhanoo for the film Madrassa-e-Umeed. The best junior film was selected to be Enviro-man by Charie Cracknell. People’s choice Award was awarded to Amal Al Muftah again and Best poster award was given to Ryan Lau for the movie ‘Makers Minds’ which was decided by the votes given by the audience at the Gala dinner as well as on the number of hits the films received on the YouTube channel.

Event success

The success of the event can be felt by the global attraction that the event received. Film makers were highly encouraged by the audience and the faculty that came to help them. They did not only obtain great exposure in the industry but had also shared new ideas and techniques from each other and the professionals. The nominated films were directed by directors from all over the world including Singapore, Ecuador, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Afghanistan, India and Qatar. It was the sixth event of its kind and has been gaining international prestige thus attracting extensive scope of films than ever.…

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THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival 2014

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